Motigravity is a treadmill for virtual reality used to simulate the human exploration of Mars, the Moon, and other space environments. In addition to allowing 360 degrees of movement, Motigravity can also simulate the low gravity environment as found in various space environment including EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) carried out by astronauts.The treadmill simulates the movement of astronauts at different level of gravity on different terrains and space surfaces thanks a library of explored Space regions.

Our mission is to supply to Space Industry a tool with an acceptable level of price and which can simulate more exploration activities in which there is the need to simulate different levels of gravity.

Although designed specifically to simulate space simulations, Motigravity can also be applied to medicine, sports, games, and STEM/Education since it is equipped with software specially developed for each of these applications. Lifting and harness systems consisting hardware and sensors enable the simulation of the movement of users in low gravity also to software which simulates and recognizes the main human senses like touch, smell, sound, cerebral activity, etc. Motigravity can be used in a single or multi-user configuration, and the software control system can recognize external devices such as rovers, stations or telecommunication signals, including audio / video recognition.

For the medical sector the tool is equipped with specific software to help patients in the rehabilitation of stroke, multiples sclerosis, behavioral diseases, sleep deprivation, anxiety treatment.